Love and Forgiveness

Dear Crystal, It has been many years since I have had the courage to seek you out. To look you in the eyes and say to you how sorry I am to have consented for you to go through all these problem, especially in this last year, alone. I left you feeling empty inside and... Continue Reading →


Love Yourself

Photo by ATC Comm Photo on It has taken many late nights, and an abundance of latte macchiatos, to only recently understand that I absolutely know next nothing about self love. I have been beyond self destructive in displaying my lack of knowledge, lashing out and mentally drawing myself further inward.  Doing the same... Continue Reading →


Life is bizarre,Its filled with uncertainty but is filled with much potential. Even with the change of each season life has the option of growing or dying do to its circumstances,but what is absolute is it's willingness to try to fight to its conclusion. As I watch the snow fall this winter and see the ... Continue Reading →


I think its safe to say that Thanksgiving means different things for different people. For some its a time of  unthinkable heartache in their family history and the tragedy that is our country's forgetfulness of its past,and how we display it to the future generations. And I am aware that for others its the one... Continue Reading →


As a teen one of my favorite past times besides reading ,was writing letters to my friends and pen pals.There was something amazing about seeing a letter folded in different ways and getting them between classes, or receiving a letter from someone in a different country,and later as we got in high school the notebooks... Continue Reading →

My Help Comes From the Lord

  It was easy to fall back into the darkness that was fear last night. it was easy to say where is God,does he not see what is happening? God forgive me for that,i'm still giving myself up to fear every day. Bitterness, God,has set in right along with a non-believe in my self-worth,I also... Continue Reading →

Gods Love

How did love become such a distorted, filthy and misunderstood thing ?How did it become a miss used attempt to keep a person connected next to you? A way to make a person feel your name gave them worth and that it allowed you to use and abused them and call it love. When did... Continue Reading →

Fleeting Beauty

One the thing I have struggled with since my adolescence was my understanding of beauty.After years of being bullied and of being a bully once, my ability to discern what it meant to be a "Beauty", I found was wasted in a world with a lack of sight.I think also, do to the imagery the... Continue Reading →

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